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Loads of people are supporting Emma Watson for the role but she didn't seem too keen on the role when asked about it once. I would prefer it to be a British actress though. There seems to be support for Lyndsy Fonseca (probably influenced by her role on Nikita). I like her and she checks many of the boxes but for some reason have a hard time picturing her acting British (not just the accent).
Wouldn't want Emma Watson, but Lyndsey Fonseca would be interesting. She certainly has the action experience and looks at home with fight choreography, but, as you say, the british part of the character might be a stretch.

I suppose if they're not going to go down the origins route, the obviously logical choice would be Kate Beckinsdale. She's obviously english, specifically with the upper class 'plummy' accent, and is more than proven in the action movies.

Here's one to ponder - Michelle Keegan. Certainly got the figure, British and can act (to a point ). And at 25, she'd still be young enough to pull of a younger version of Lara. Could she make the step up to the big screen though ?

I wonder if Kate Middleton woould be interested.
I see what you did there
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