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You said children should be put first, so the idea of gay men having their own kids means they are putting their needs above anyone else's. So they have children purely for egotistical reasons?

I am not demonising women, I'm just saying that a child can have a mother in its life and be utterly screwed up. Women do not always make the best parents.

How can we judge those simply because they went through a non traditional way of having a child? How can you say they don't have emotional investment?
Are you deliberately misunderstanding me? I didn't say 'they don't have emotional investment'. I said, it would be possible for someone to have no emotional investment and for it to be like a purchase. And I don't know where I mentioned gay men either? I did mention a baby being taken from it's mother and left without one. And gave the opinion that doing that isn't really thinking of the baby first. It's thinking of the person who wants the baby.
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