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Thanks for mentioning the name of the super-intelligent film you're going to watch. I'm in awe of you now
Just an example of the kind of film I like and regularly watch, which you seem to think young people are incapable of liking. Here's a fact for you: people of all ages have different tastes in film (and in everything), so it's simply incorrect to make the kind of sweeping, rude generalisations you've been making the whole way through this thread.

Anyway, back to My Fair Lady. As I've said, I think it should be remade with a lead actress who can sing, not someone who was dubbed, as for me that ruins the original - Marni Nixon has a wonderful voice, but it's pretty obvious that it's not Audrey Hepburn singing, so the film is, in my mind, not perfect, in fact nowhere near it, and it's a shame a talented singer/actress didn't get the role.

So it's high time amends were made, and the score brought to life again - no reason not to use cinematographic advances to update it for a new audience. Rather that than the score simply lying dormant apart from regional theatre productions...
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