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Nadine with the problem? Never.....
I'm not saying that she's the whole problem but given that Sarah has distanced herself from the group with no fallout then you have to at least look at the way Nadine has handled herself when she distanced herself from the group. You have to ask yourself the question: How much of yourself would you invest in someone who considered you a colleague?

She was, and still is.
No she wasn't. She had a highly successful career and her lowest selling album still sold more than Nadine's solo effort. Even Cheryl's detractors don't take from that.

It was an innocent Tweet, she doesn't name anyone, I think it was harmless.
It wasn't a harmless tweet. Everyone knew that the end of the tour was the end of Girls Aloud. The girls have grown up, grown apart and want to do their own things. They tweeted their fans, thanking them for the support etc etc. That should have been the end of it. For Nadine to suddenly wade in with "I wanted the group to go on" or whatever, was ridiculous.
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