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I went to see Identity Thief at my local Cineworld last night. Just before the film started after the usual ads and the Kevin Bacon ad the lights went up and a member of staff walked down to the front of the cinema and said something along the lines of :-

"Good evening Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to this screening of Identity Thief. If you have any concerns during the performance please come and find a member of staff. Please note that this performance will be monitored throughout. Thank you for your attention and enjoy the film."

He then walked out and the lights went out and the film started as usual. What the hell is that all about I thought. The young chap who made this announcement looked a bit embarrassed like he was made to do it and felt a right prat! Is this some new policy by Cineworld and if so, whats the point of it? Anyone else had this happen at Cineworld this week?
SAme thing happed to me last week. I throught it was werid.
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