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Well it
I think you are right. A while ago I went to the O2 Cineworld. As I'm going into the screening I was stoped by a woman and a guy with a video camera. They claimed they were students making something for their Uni course, would I mind answering a few questions, it will only take about a minute or two.

As I was feeling quite benevolent that day I said ok rather than asking where is the logic asking people just going into see a film that may be starting at that moment so are likely to get people saying no.

So I get asked questions such as what film had I come to see, do I come to the cinema often. Do I only come to this venue or others. Am I an Unlimited card holder. All quite generic then it started to get more specific. Would I like a Starbucks in this Cineworld venue? (it's in the O2 which has 2 starbucks, a variety of pubs and eateries, why would it need a starbucks in there for god sake?) What changes should be made to make things more enjoyable experience for me?

This could genuinely something students are doing for their Uni assignment, but I can't see from their questioning what the assignment is actually based on. It certainly wasn't about films as the only time a specific ilm was mentioned was when I was asked which one I was seeing today.

If it was I'm hoping that my suggestions get taken up.

1) No starbucks or any other cafe. During busy times it gets congested enough as it is in there, without tables and chairs getting in the way.

2) More old films. I used to like the old B&W and classic films on a Monday.

3) Themed weeks. 80's week or action week or romance week for valentine, horror for Halloween etc. You have lots of screens so one can be given to that,

4) Less screens being used up to show the same film. When you get a "big film" it's sometimes on two or three screens, most not full. That's stopping people seeing other films and films not being shown at that cinema at all. For example the recent films "Sightseers" and "Great Expectations" wasn't shown there.

5) A seperate line for Sky Rewards customers. Those poxy f****** printed tickets cause nothing but hold ups. Often because the staff are struggling with them and very often as the customers think the rules change and as it's a reward they can bring their 10 year old into a 15 certificate film and when they are told no they think if I argue and hold the line up more the member of staff will back down. The result is a second member of staff rather than opening up a new terminal (that should have been open anyway to rush through the ever lengthening lines) will now come to assist and you now have two people not serving.
Well that gives hope to the future of film...
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