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Oh dear.
Denise tweeted at Katie Green over the story that on LOOSER WOMEN Green claimed KP took drugs(Green says she was misquoted by the way).
After reading about the story Denise, 54, took to her Twitter page to slam Green, writing: "Shameful comments by @katiegreenmodel about @MissKatiePrice on the rubbish Looser Women."
To which Nicola Mc Clean's hubby replied,
: "Would like to congratulate @RealDeniseWelch on still being sober enough at 10pm to watch @katiegreenmodel on #looserwomen."

Denise replied,well it was easy as I gave up drinking a year ago but thanks anyway d**khead."

I'm sorry,but I laughed .
its funny but why is nicola mcleans non discript hubby continuing the 'fued'? why are they fighting again?
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