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...I have finally been able to convince the mental health experts that the story of my life is true and their version is fiction, by comparing it to the accurate contemporary account in the diaries my father kept for more than fifty years.

So from my point of view contacting Operation Yewtree had an extremely positive outcome.
You've clearly been through the mill - it must give you peace of mind to know that their finally able to set the story straight. I'm glad to hear that some good things are coming from this all

Thanks, Becky, that means a lot to me. I thought people might think I must be insane when I decided to mention that. .
you shouldn't have had to feel that way

I don't think they post here, i think i know who they are, i'd guess it's just a coincidence, that video was posted around a few times.
Ok. Yes I remember that video being posted here. I was just curious how they found my username. They spam tweeted alot but it'd take even longer to tweet everyone in Britain with a twitter account...maybe its because MWT follows me? who knows. Speaking of, he's apparently been undercover.

The police concerned are maybe sticking to the rules and not giving the media his name and the media are following the rules correctly on this one under the Contempt of Court Act now he has been arrested and bailed.

Or it could be connected with the fact it was said before this person was so upset that he was suicidal, maybe nooone wants blood on their hands for a case that has not even gone to court yet.
Wasn't Freddie Starr in a similar state, or close to it?.
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