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I agree with you. Now while I like Nadine as a person, I think she is quite unprofessional. She has an awful cheek saying that she wanted them to keep going when she was the one who had the least input into them promotional wise. People might say that she carried the group vocally (which I would dispute but that's another thread) but that's the easy part. Unless you put yourself out there, then you could have the best voice ever and no one would get to hear it.

She didn't join in their Passions documentary (which opened up other avenues in which they are still working in today). This is attributed to Nadine's lack of love of the limelight. But around the same time, she also failed to turn up to the Brits because she "got to the airport and realised she had forgotton her passport" Sorry but that's unacceptable. She moved to LA and distanced herself from the rest of the group. Again this can be explained by her wanting a life with her family. Fair enough. However, she has referred to the other group members as her "colleagues" and not her friends. Is it really surprising then when they don't bend over backwards to support her in her solo efforts? I know that I take a great interest in my friends' lives but not that much in people I would consider colleagues.

It's interesting to see how the dynamics of the group has changed since they started. Cheryl really wanted Javine in the group as they were BFF's and had supported each other all the way through. Cheryl was probably a bit gutted that Sarah got in instead. Kimberley and Nadine were very close at the start but they drifted apart. I think that has something to do with Louis Walsh. He was always Nadine's biggest supporter and made out like Nadine carried the band and was the only one who could go solo. Nadine was young at the time so this probably went to her head. Now we know that Louis turned out to be a sh!te manager and Kimberley ended up being the unofficial manager of the group in the early days before Hilary Shaw took over. Maybe Kimberley got sick of Nadines notions (even if they were subconsious) that she carried the group and naturally gravitate to the more ambitious Cheryl. *

It is obvious now that the main "clique" in the group is Cheryl, Kimberley and Nicola. What is interesting to note is that Sarah doesn't fall into this clique and has always done her own thing but it has never been an issue. There has never been any Sarah vs ____ nonsense and while she doesn't join the other three in everything they do, they look quite natural together as a foursome when they are together. How is it that the "bitchy girls" as some would like to believe can be so accepting of Sarah coming and going as she pleases but not Nadine?

The problem lies with Nadine. I'm not taking it as gospel but apparently Nadine had her own manager accompany her with Girls Aloud (from Cheryl's biography I think, I will stand corrected). If true, that's just uncalled for. It's like bragging about your new job, while still in your old job. It's not going to endear you to people. When they took their break, everyone assumed that Cheryl would be a joke as a solo artist and that Nadine would be the success as she had a better voice. Look what happened. Cheryl listened to those around her and made smart, professional choices, worked hard to promote herself and became a huge success. She also wised up, shut her gobby mouth and when asked about Nadine, gave professional (if a bit boring answers). Nadine on the other hand, made poor choices, dug her heels in and ended up with a crap album on sale in Tesco. She also took the bait from the media and made some silly comments about only singing live or some other sh!te like that. Singing live only matters if you are Adele, if you are a popstar it's not that important (unless stans and hatahs are arguing on the interwebs lol).

Anyways, previewing my post I can't believe I've written so much (I'm super bored tonight ) but what it comes down to is that (and anyone who knows me as a long term poster will know that I am no Cheryl fan) I don't think that Cheryl, Kimberley and Nicola are three plastic Mean Girl bitches who try and sabotage the superior Nadine at every chance. Because I like her as a person, I used to defend her but after that tweet, I can't. Nadine sabotages herself. They had a great tour and were happy to go their own way and Nadine suddenly wades in with "I wanted us to go further" LOL LMAO. What, with all the other girls doing the promotion in the UK and you turning up whenever it suits you????

*Disclaimer: I am in no way saying this is what happened and I am just putting forth a theory. Loads of people have commented on how close Nadine and Kimberley were but no one has any idea why they drifted apart. I just had one, not saying it is right I guess we'll never really know

I agree with this whole post.
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