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But you are not stating an opinion, you have clearly stated it should not be remade, and you are practically demanding that people should go and watch the original. You have not said that it is your opinion or what you think, you are stating it as fact. That, my friend, is NOT an opinion, it is a statement of fact.

Frankly you have come across as arrogant and worse still, when challenged on your views you have the resorted to sarcastic remarks and ridicule of other posters.

The only thing that is clear from your later posts is that you know you have lost the argument, and have resorted to childish name-calling to deflect your embarassment.
Stating that as fact are you?

Seems that we all do that.

And i'd love to know how someone who has never met me knows that i'm embarassed - i couldn't be less embarassed - why should i be. You and the other poster mean nothing to me.

And saying "It should not be remade" is my opinion - it's not a demand. My opinion is that it shouldn't be remade. Must i state "IMO" after everything i say?

This isn't that difficult to understand.
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