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Stating that as fact are you?

Seems that we all do that.

And i'd love to know how someone who has never met me knows that i'm embarassed - i couldn't be less embarassed - why should i be. You and the other poster mean nothing to me.

And saying "It should not be remade" is my opinion - it's not a demand. My opinion is that it shouldn't be remade. Must i state "IMO" after everything i say?

This isn't that difficult to understand.

Certainly am.

I notice you make no mention of how you have childishly ridiculed other posters, obviously you brush that aside because it does you no favours.

It's a very, very common tactic for some people who have a problem when their views are challenged, instead of simply responding and countering the other posters argument, they feel it nescessary to ridicule and insult other posters.

You really should go back and take a look at some of your responses, and take a good hard look at yourself my friend...anyone can air their views on here within certain parameters, but equally anyone else can challenge those views of they want to, also within certain parameters.That is what I and other posters have done, you did not like it and seemed ill-equipped to deal with people disagreeing with you and responded with childish comments.

If that's how you deal with those disagreeing with your views, then perhaps discussion boards are not for you.

Now...that's a fact.
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