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Yes Ted, i'll do just that.
I'll go have a long hard think about myself. I'm so grateful for your insight. FFS!!!

Jeez! Some people really do have an inflated opinion of themselves.

EDIT: I ain't your friend either. I'd choose someone less pompous

We can glean two insights from these comments...

Firstly that you still appear to be completely oblivious to and refuse to acknowlege the ridicule you have indulged in to other posters. You seem completely blind to your own arrogance and offensive comments.

Second, that you continue to post 'angry', constantly insulting and attacking those who disagree with you.

Even though I am being very honest and straight with you, my comments are not offensive, I am not ridiculing you, I am not attacking you, I am not being sarcastic (Well, maybe occasionally), I am simply giving you some home truths.

Like I said, having your views challenged and people disagreeing with you is part and parcel of a discussion board.
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