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Well then it must have been at about 18:30 isn? like when Buffy was on?

Interesting that they decided to put it on at that point.

I did watch it, just assumed it was on during CBBC.

It was good.
Yeah, that kind of slot, or possibly slightly later, I remember at the time thinking it was strange they put it on at that time. I think they did repeat it later on an afternoon slot, but that was maybe a couple of years later or something.

You're just trying to make me feel old now!

I do remember at the time the TV critics questioned why it wasn't on Childrens Hour ( see I am old! ) but soon went quiet once it started. I knew nothing about it at first but watched because it had Alun Armstrong in it.

Bit like Adrian Mole I suppose, it could be enjoyed by all ages.
Sorry!, no I also remember remarking at the time, it was a strange slot for it. I loved the book, at the time, but I was a bit too young for it, so a lot of it went over my head. But I watched the tv adaptation because I really enjoyed the book. I preferred the book, although all the actors were great in it, the format of it lended itself to being a better book. If that makes sense, they had to change some of the setting for it to work on TV.
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