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It's a rare thing to see an usher at my local Odeon. They just take your ticket and point you to the specific screening room. I remember the days they used to show you to your seat with a little torch (like they do at the theatre), do any cinema's still do that?

Has anyone ever been to a crew/cast screening? I went once in Leicester Square and throughout 3 people were stood near the front at the side staring at us all with binocular/detector type things. Throughout the WHOLE film. It was distracting at the beginning but then I forgot they were there. I wondered if this was generally what happened at a first screening.
i would imagine now they would use night visin camera etc to watch you and you don't know so you aren't concious about if you should laugh, scream, jump etc at different parts of the film. I would find some numpty watching me with binoculars really off-putting
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