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Maybe they like Sarah more than Nadine, but why?
Who knows but they are entitled to their opinion. Maybe she is more likeable

There are different types of success and anyone can get a number one. A career based on looks media praise and miming imo isn't success.
'Anyone can get a number one' That's a preposterous thing to say. I appreciate Cheryl's voice isn't all that and Nadine's is better but the pop industry, the media and the public have always put looks and celebrity status above any talent so why the derision for Cheryl particularly

Nadine would love to be in Cheryl's position but unfortunately for her it didn't quite work.

All Nadine did was Tweet an opinion. I don't think she deserved a "telling off" telling fans how she was really feeling.
It's an opinion if if it's someone you like and an attempt at starting a war if it's someone you don't like. I'm indifferent tbh to GA and yet even I can see this was a bitchy unpleasant thing to do and any back lash is deserved.

I am beginning to form an opinion on Nadine now and it's not very positive.

Nadine has the voice that's why she was tipped to be a solo artist when Girls Aloud first started their break. Nadine's singing has never been the problem. It's always been her work colleagues that haven't been good enough.
So Nadine would have had a successful solo career if she'd had better work colleagues I don't know why it failed but it did fail and it's how she has dealt with that failure will be how she's judged now.

Unfortunately for her she sounds like she's bitter.
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