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How do you know this?

I've seen it twice and I don't remember any of this.

I don't think I fell asleep during it
What do you mean how I knew this? I got it from the film itself. The film tried to make us look at the 'USA! USA! USA!' mentality from a different angle, and the spectrum of patriotism and heroism by examining and contrasting old clichés with possible new clichés.

Like I say in one of my earlier posts, the film made that too subtle and the rest too cheesy to make it work. It's not an Alien Invasion film, even though it comes across like one. It's the director's fault, really.

Edit: I'd just been to the Battleship forum at imdb to see if I was the only one who saw the film that way. Glad to see I am not: here's one of threads that have some posters explaining actions in the film. I should have visited the forum earlier as I thought I was the only one.
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