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Anyone that does it twice should just be doing jail time.
Because owing the tax man is justas serious as violent crime isn;t it ?

Do people realise that since the goverment told HMRC to clear their debt backlog (much of which is incorrect anyway) and that since HMRC is no longer a preferred creditor they bankrupt people and wind up companies at the drop of a hat (its standing room only in the winding up courts at present and most via HMRC ) , they may not get the money but they clear the debt from their books and look healtheir as a result.

We had an ongoing situation with HMRc where they demanded 300,000 from us a few years back, based on a trainee Inspector checking our books and fining us for every employee for every year as we did not get a P45 from them !!!!! exisiting employees do not give an employer a P45 each year , only when they start a job, employees get a P60 each April and continue into the new PAYE year , but not according to that lady.

The inspector incorrectly wrote notes as though every employee was a new employee each April , we were issued a bill and given 8 weeks to pay 300,000 plus interest for the years involved and then having tried to explain they were wrong and when we refused a winding up order was issued and HMRC refsued to speak to us .

We ended up having to go to court to get a copy of the HMRC file and notes as they said we could not see them , and when it was finally in front of the Winding up Court and we presented our evidence the HMRC Barrister consulted his client and they still did not want to conced they made a mistake, this was after a year of accountants and lawyers .

The Judge then threw it out having seen the evidence and warned HMRC's barrister about the waste of public money in bringing this to court , sending a trainee unaccompanied to do the inspection iin the first place, he called HMRC arrogant for refusing to listen to us and our accountants , HMRC had to pay our court costs but they never paid the accountants fees etc.

My point being that HMRC are quick off the mark these days when they could get money if they waited, and we dont know that that may be the case here as well.
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