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Possibly a mixture (trying, like you, to be fair and see this from all sides/possibilities) but the way smoking ages skin is shocking and is surely the habit easiest avoided to 'be on the safe side'? I know genes have a lot to do with it - my Mum looks at least 15 years younger than her 75 years, her Dad looked about 75 when he died at 93, and apparently (other people's opinion, not mine!) I look far younger than my 45 years... but at the same time none of us are/were smokers, and I think it does have an impact on how the skin ages, no matter what the defenders of the habit might say! It is a shame if Honeysuckle feels the pressure to stay slim and has gone down the smoking route as part of that, but maybe she genuine just enjoys being a walking ash tray if the chain smoking aspect is true?
I've got pretty good genes in the family too. my daughter's 38, and looks younger than HW, my son's 33 and looks 10 years younger. OH and I are 68 and 57 respectively and nobody believes us when we say how old we are.
My mum smoked, but still looked facially quite young, but on the other hand, my dad looked his age.

It's all well and good saying she hasn't gone down the Hollywood route of botox etc, but I doubt she's the type to do that anyway. If she wants to stay natural, then good for her. However, IMO she isn't aging well, and looks quite haggard.
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