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Exactly right. Louis Walsh was bigging Nadine up from day one by telling her she was the one carrying the group
Louis was right. Nadine did carry the group.

As it turns out, she may have the best voice in the group doesn't actually mean she's got enough to be a solo artist.
Doesn't that go hand in hand......

I'm no fan of Tweedy but she does have something about her that people warm to, Nadine doesn't.
Disagree. Nadine has the X factor, so she doesn't have to go on the show to prove it

IMO, she can sing but she doesn't have a great or distinctive voice. She also isn't particularly attractive which matters these days in the pure pop world... appears to have the personality and charisma of a paper bag and it's no wonder she didn't set the music world alight.

That's her dead in the water then
It's never too late for a girl as talented as Nadine to be a hit.
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