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So you've just admitted that you never watched Standing up for Harvey...but were able to say to me that NO SPECIALISTS spoke specifically about Harvey and his disabilities within that programme.....gosh what powers you have there... and you expect people here to believe other claims you make. So you are NOT in any position to pass any comment about this by your own admission you didn't watch it.
You stated here several times that YOU did NOT belong to said it, not me. So no need to "delving & scrabbling frantically for 'evidence" as you put it soooo charmingly and succinctly. The "evidence" (to quote you again) is all over these pages. So you've joined several times then.....To quote you again "Yep....and I did join again"

Oh.....I did struggle, but didn't give in to highlight my comments in pink.....much nicer shade than angry red I always think
Stop angling for my new twitter account user name VV. You can't follow me .My account is locked
Re you not believing anything I say. Devastated,but I'll get over it in time I'm sure.
As for Pwicey's "poor me" prog on,never watched it & never will,but it won't stop me labeling it a publicity stunt designed to glorify herself into a Mother Theresa figure. Epic fail. As she would say "it is wha' it is"......a publicity stunt to clean up her smutty image that failed.
I'm perplexed that you find the red highlighting angry VV since there is no choice of other colours available Had you used the quote system in the proper way with quotes in the boxes in your post then I wouldn't have needed the highlighting facility to make my words evident as MY words rather than yours in the reply.
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