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London Marathon didn't look like a lot of connectivity going on then, i think the trip alone Katie took, from the USA may hold something important I also am confident in things that i know Those poor freelancers, still having to wait for what they owed
Agree totally, i think from what you say you are ahem, very right to be confident on that score

To be honest, CP and KP very alike in some ways, maybe that was half the problem.

I really doubt either would want people on forums basically trying to make out either are that bad parents, or using a scripted TV show to judge them, but then thats the nature of the business, and they have both used it to their advantage at times. If it was that bad, they wouldnt be in constant communication. Obviously people dont see a lot of the real stuff on TV so they dont know, my problem isn't really with either of them, although again both have done some pretty questionable things, its more how some things were handled by others for their own motives and who went along with it.

As for the freelancers, they should be paid if they havent. Not good.

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