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No, i would have said getting AWAY from her was pretty well planned and executed though.

Them getting together was definitely not pre-planned
Now I would say I am neither gullible or naive... and I absolutely have no 'insider' knowledge.. but here are a few things I have observed about KP/PA.

1. Neither of them can act... place them in a room of mahogany and it is the wood that would shine.

2. They were a terrible combination of insecure jealousy... the failure of their relationship was not surprising since neither of them trusted the other from the beginning.

3.KP is in abusive baggage and the people who tolerate her nasty remarks and behaviour do not have my sympathy for the way she talks to them... tell her to treat you with respect or **** off it isn't rocket science. PA is a passive aggressive tit and a sulker to boot... is there a worse combination of personality's in a relationship?

3. Having said that... both of them showed imo genuine signs of distress when each of them realised the relationship was over... they just didn't realise at the same time... apart from the fact neither of them are smart enough to keep it up... one of them would have leaked that for sure just excluding the fact they were in on it.

4. I might buy the split was capitalised on but planned by KP and PA?.. never going to sell me that pile of poop... I believe the management of CAN... CP/NH did everything they could to keep PA away from KP after the split because they knew she would boot them both out the door if she got PA to take her back... her drunken voice mails that were made public do not speak to me of a woman who had already shed the ex before the official split... neither does the massive weight loss of PA.

5. I have always said KP/CP are the same personality... alpha females, competitive, vindictive... both of them got involved with weaker men who both whinged about them getting involved with other men... as far as I know CP doesn't change her men as often as her knickers so why NH ever thought her relationship was his business I don't know... I don't think KP would have gone to court again if not encouraged by NH and her own absolute belief she is never wrong so someone must have smeared her... but having said that she seems to be smart enough to use him for info and keep him out of her life and business.
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