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But unfortunately it's about par for the course if you have a very high BMI. My Father who was 19 stone died at 63 and my Uncle who was 22 stone died last week aged 70. Very few overweight older men live to 80 in good health (Marlon Brando being an exception).
Sorry, think I brought up the weight thing when someone mentioned that 65 was terribly young.

Having lost my Father and recently Uncle due to obesity it really strikes a chord with me (I have to constantly watch my own diet and can only consume around 1400 calories a day before I start to gain weight, bad genetics).

Richard Griffiths must have been in pretty poor health for a surgeon willing to operate with such a high BMI anyway

In fact my heart consultant has said that I'll probably live longer than my Father with my current 30 a day smoking habit at eleven and a half stone and six feet tall than if I got fat.
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