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He proceeded to tweet this, say what you want about Denise Welch but this in my opinion is revolting..........
Tom Williams ‏@MrTomWilliams 11h

Please @RealDeniseWelch take the sweat from both my balls and attempt to clean yourself up from the disgusting person you are !
EWWWW, classy.

@ beautiful_harv.....not a feud as such.
Nicola (Mrs W) works on LOOSER WOMEN.(more naughty)
Denise works on LOOSE WOMEN.(clean-ish)
So Tommo took Denise's comments re his wife's show to heart & went after Denise.
I dislike Denise.but that tweet is just gross. He needs to grow up. That isn't defending your wife,but more lowering yourself to the gutter.
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