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Happy Easter all.

Today she loves Mary Berry like she loves her own dear mum, ( so does she wish she was dead then?).
Joan Bakewell is a wicked slutty feminist ,(she went to Cambridge) and doesn't clean her own floors ( LJ employs a cleaner but that's OK).

The E-mail from the RS in the dreary is beyond ridiculous.
No alcoholic waits all morning for a drink if they are in withdrawal.methinks LJ is talking about her wine habit.
I thought he was the skinny one and Nirps was the one with the fat thighs?
I think the stress of the imaginary relationship has got to her .
I like that she expects RAF rescue to come and help her feed the horses,but the thought of LJ in that summer frock and wellies combo with a hay bale on her back in the snow did make me smirk
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