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I've just read today's Diary. The comments say it all. An insult to the readers in every possible way, regardless of whether the email is genuine or not (and I agree with the comments that the FRS writes in the same style as Liz, (as does Nic, incidentally, whose long, rambling, grammatically precise text messages bear no resemblance to any text ever sent in the real world).

Whether it's a real email or not is almost irrelevant. It's the principle that is so appalling. Breezily telling your readers that you're cutting and pasting someone else's email to fill a column that you're (well-)paid to write yourself, just shows absolute contempt and a complete lack of respect for (a) the readers (b) journalism itself (c) the DM (c) the person she's supposedly writing about. Awful.

Apart from anything else, it's not exactly a scintillating read, is it?

ETA: Oh, and this week she helpfully uses her own ghastliness to illustrate that "writers", apparently, are horrible, horrible people. Makes a change from claiming to represent all "women", I suppose. But as always, she misses the point.....her behaviour is representative only of herself, and has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of us women, or writers, or anyone else.
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