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So she copies and pastes her "RS" email instead of writing an article herself.
Says her mum is amazing but in other articles moans about her upbringing and her mother being poor and "forever cleaning".
Moans about women who expect their cleaners to actually "clean".
Moans that evil farmers leave their sheep to have lambs out in the open air when ALL the poor ickle lambs should be in a nice warm shed. She would be the 1st one to complain if farm animals are kept inside!

"oh the LAMBS!!! Why didn't you put them in sheds you evil farmer!" *whacks him with her prada leather and snakeskin bag*
"Oh the SHEEP!" Why aren't they in the fields roaming like they are meant to be!!" *whacks him with her newly bought "inset overpriced label" boots*

When I first read the booze article I ACTUALLY thought it was about Liz Moans!
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