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You don't know what he's been accused of, or whether he's guilty or not, and yet you're ok with him being the butt of sick and spiteful jokes on the internet? That makes me wonder about you, not him.

We'll have to agree to disagree on this one. Anyone who gets their kicks from this - as some on this thread also seem to - has no moral compass.
Where did I say I was okay with it? What I actually inferred was that I didn't think making jokes was as bad as committing sexual offences, if that is indeed the case.

The fact that the arrest was made in connection with Operation Yewtree very strongly suggests that the alleged crime is child sex abuse. Perhaps you genuinely do think that making a sick joke is worse than raping a child, but if that's the case I suggest you check your own moral compass first.

You did after all say in clear terms 'They're certainly much sicker and nastier than those at whose expense they're getting their pathetic kicks.'

Unless you're privy to some information that the rest of us are not, I wonder what makes you feel qualified to make that judgement call. Personally I wouldn't feel comfortable stating that I definitively knew an internet commenter was 'much sicker and nastier' than someone who has seemingly being arrested for alleged child sex offences.
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