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Been going through some Old gossip news and footage for time pass as I'm bored lol, and I came across George clooney giving some sort of press conference about princess Diana's death, now fair enough I understand if elton John or George Michael or even tom hanks would give one because they were close friends but upon research clooney and diana never even met! I get people were effected by it but seriously who does he think he is, it really annoyed me for some reason . He's acting as if the world was waiting on bated breath for him to give his opinion, as if he was important to diana or her legacy.

And then I came across this

Basically saying that it was wrong if he didnt speak out. I'm thinking honestly yes her death was a huge deal and brought about many conversations about media, paparazzi and I feel that even Diana's friends remained quiet then who does he think he is?! I can Imagine william and harry feeling who does this movie star think he is. FYI George she hated being called di.

South Park were so right about his smugness.
If I remember correctly, Clooney was at war with the paparazzi's and the entertainment shows that used pictures and video obtained from paps in the mid nineties.

Perhaps this is why he was asked to comment?
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