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Aren't guns illegal in Chicago? Don't potential gun owners not go through background checks? Isn't it illegal for youngsters to own guns in Chicago? Isn't Chicago supposed to be safe now because of strict gun laws? Why isn't Jim Carrey and other Hollywood hypocrites angry about this or do they not care about black on black crime?

It's different from people taking issue with the fact the NRA wants to give US civilians access to the sort of firepower other First World nations restrict to the Military
Wrong.The NRA want law abiding American citizens to be able to exercise their God-given right to bear arms as is stated in the 2nd Amendment.Civilians should not have their rights restricted while criminals BREAK THE LAW to obtain more powerful weapons off the black market.

Security guards have guns in a law-enforcement capacity, and they've been psychologically checked so they won't go off on crazy gun rampages
Really? They never will because they're security guards? Cops are checked, too, right? Christopher Dorner, remember him
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