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Sarah Harding has said Cheryl is moving to LA to be with Tre.

I think it is clear now Cheryl wants to move to crack America so desperately after a million attempts. Even her assistant Lily tweeted a few back they are moving to Miami for 9 months.

I personally think it is Cheryl who mainly wanted the split in order to crack the states as she knows she can't do it with the other four clinging by her neck.

Its sad that Nicola and Nadine don't get the worldwide success they deserve with their vocals to be fair.

I guess we will have to wait for Miss Cole to run to Daddy Cowell for a job on USA X Factor again as she knows that is probably her only way of cracking the states, despite her saying in her autobiography and in multiple interviews she will never do X Factor again.

Lets hope the shine is passed onto the other members and TALENT truly plays a part.
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