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Basically saying that it was wrong if he didnt speak out. I'm thinking honestly yes her death was a huge deal and brought about many conversations about media, paparazzi and I feel that even Diana's friends remained quiet then who does he think he is?!
Isn't that the british way? Keep a stuff upper lip and don't speak unless you're spoken to? Don't speak out unless you personally knew the individual involved?

In 1997 he was an actor at the peak of his fame and someone the pararazzi will have been very interested in over in America. Perhaps he had been involved in run ins with them and felt strongly about the tactics they'd used with him and what tactics they'd used with Diana on the night of her death. I don't see it as a problem that he spoke out. More people should have spoken out.. because nothing changed.

Yes he probably feels he's a bit political and likes the sound of his own voice but I think he made some valid points in suggesting the magazines and papers are just as much to blame for how the paps act as the paps are.
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