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Finally, I don't know why the press keep on banging on about Nadine's Tesco deal in such a negative way- at least she hasn't resorted to being an OK columnist and jewellery line creator for Argos like Kimberley.
But that isn't all Kimberley resorted to is it? Way to filter out the information that doesn't fit your point. Kimberley had a successful run as the lead to a popular West End show, a runner-up on one of the less trashy TV shows that actually taught her new performance skills and released an album on an actual record label that charted at 18, 29 places higher than Nadine's did. She featured on a Top 10 track for Aggro Santos too. Though the less said about her shitty presenting on Suck My Pop and whatever the heck that Horrid Henry cameo was, the better

Nadine's Tesco deal is given negative press because it was just such a terrible business decision and killed her solo career before it even got off the ground. I'm struggling to think of any of the other girls making such a poor decision with regards to their career. The only two that come to find is A) Cheryl & X Factor USA and B) The girls making the decision to break at the peak of the bands popularity.
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