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I have just moved back home after being at uni for 4 years and started sorting our terrible internet connection out because my parents ain't got a clue. Turns out our ancient Docsis 1 modem is to blame and they are now sending out a docsis 3 superhub.

Anyways looking at their bill they are paying

57.89 for

XL Phone
V+ HD box
Broadband (L) 10mb
(This is with a 11 loyalty discount too)

Already changed to paperless billing, 1.75 easily saved. They rarely watch channels outside of what would be the Medium package and don't really use the phone.

What would be best to ring up to get the best deal retentions or customer service? Really all we need is medium TV, lowest phone package and I would like to push through to 60mb internet. Looking at deals for new customers this would cost about 42.50. Do you think its worth pushing through to see if they would offer a better deal?
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