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Hope you get to the bottom of it Annette, they are a worry sometimes aren't they !
I hope your wee cat is ok Annette. God they are a huge worry but just sooooo worth it. My lad is a pain in the ass but I wouldn't be without him.
just as much as children.

my cat gets between 3 and 4 pouches a day. The box recommends 3 if they don't eat anything else so it's not over feeding them to whoever said it was. The pouches of some of the brands have got smaller now 85g instead of 100g.

My cat is also always hungry but has also lost weight (1/2kg last time she was weighed) which we have put down to the pouches getting smaller as she is in perfect health.
he`s not over feeding then, it`s probably old age thin and he`s always been lean.

i think it`s also the boredom, i`m going to have to start letting him out on his own.
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