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Tom Daley I have so much respect for him and everything that he has achieved at such a young age but it's just too obvious that he is gay/bi-sexual. I don't usually speculate but he is almost a dead cert.

Dermot O'Leary After the previous 2 serious' of X Factor he has been acting extremely camp i.e. dancing, clicking his fingers and worshiping Nicole Shwerigetlostafterthat . I always got vibes from him among many other people on here seemingly thinking it too. I know he's married to a woman but that doesn't count for anything at all.

Keith Lemon Any man that talks about t*ts and fa**y so much immediately makes me question them! From all the time I have known him doing Celebrity Juice etc I have never ever saw him linked or rumoured to be dating anyone. He is also very very camp!

Andrew Stone I absolutely love this guy but yeah he is definitely a friend of Dorothy's for sure!
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