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Oh he'd never pass off an opportunity to make her erratic or unstable behavior to make him look more virtuous and righteous. He can't attack her directly because he'll come off looking like Brian McFadden. He also can't directly attack her because it makes him look like his making a living off reactions to his ex-wife....which he is!
I have no love for KP at all, however I find his constant snidey little digs more annoying than anything she does. His current list of 'wonderful things about Emily' in his New column may as well be entitled "she's everything Katie isn't" - as it's so blatantly meant to be a constant digathon toward the Pricey.

Apparently Ems is "comfortable in her own skin", "supportive", "a natural beauty"...................

He really is a snidey little sh*t and is as bad as KP imo.
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