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I managed to sink a coupe of hours into this since the servers seem to be stable now. It's pretty much everything I expected from it. It's weird playing a game with so many players in the game world, all running about doing their own thing, or the next minute they can be helping you take down enemies during your missions. It's a persistent online game world where large scale battles are a reality, no need for lobbies and having to be whisked away to a separate area to take part in a quest. It's all handled really seamlessly and players are everywhere.

It's enjoyable, gameplay is smooth, tight controls and the guns have a nice kick to them. It reminds me of a cross between Borderlands and Skyrim just with out the polished visuals. I can at least see this game holding a good community. I look forward to teaming up with some of you guys in the future.
I've been playing for a couple of hours too. It looks like a nice game to dip into for a mission or two without expecting you to devote hours to like some multi-player games. It will be interesting to see if it stays like that up to higher levels, or if it falls back onto the same tired 'end game' treadmill that other MMOs often do.
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