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I love how the DM is painting the picture of benefit scroungers like the evil Philpotts as having all the latest gadgets and bucking the system. Which eneded in tragedy for the 6 children.

People like Philpott whilst yes they do live on benefits but come on they are getting money "elsewhere". That's why they can afford everything and live.

Of course not every one who bucks the system goes to the lenghts he did (thank god). However they do get their money some how and its either cash in hand or something else. These people do get caught however they stick together and don't shop one another.

Now the people who are surviving on benefits alone and doing everything by the book. They do not have Sky TV, Plasma's, Playstation's etc. Unless they are second hand or bought with high interest rates from places like Brighthouse. It really sickens me that people who have become unemployed and are now trying to get back on their feet are tarred with the same brush as the criminal element benefit scroungers.

I personally know of two people who on become unemployed have had to pawn most of their luxury goods as they needed the money to feed themselves and to afford heating for this year. One of them has 3 children, so is he now a "breader".
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