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Most people who I know who are on benefits are a lot better off that my husband and myself and we both work my husband ft and myself pt.
We only have normal bills no hp. And we still. Have to save for things we want. Our neighbours have 3 to 4 holidays a year when we struggle and have to save all year to have one.
I think a lot of people on benefits know how to work the system.
Then on the other hand I know a older gentleman who is on benefits who struggles to put food on his own table.
The system is so wrong.
What sort of holidays though ? When we were unemployed we had holidays, tents in fields in the middle of February, or we were invited to go with relatives who paid for us.

As for luxury goods someone else mentioned, we had a car, tv etc that we had worked for years to pay for and felt we would be daft to sell them when we could be back in work shortly. Also sky etc on contract as it isn't so easy to get out of contracts you have started in better times.
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