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They go on caravan holidays. And yes there are expensive. We can't afford to have a sky contract. As we needed a new boiler so it was that or sky.

Just wondered what you meant by we started in better times.?
Not many caravan holidays are expensive - where I live the pitches are pretty cheap (in comparison to a hotel room or B&B). I could do a caravan holiday pretty cheap, especially going 'off season', take your own food, toiletries etc, cheap pitch for a weekend. Some caravan sites are pricey, but if you go for one which doesn't have many facilities then it's pretty cheap, boring, but cheap.

And the PP meant 'we started in better times' - you (the general you) take out Sky when you have money, it's not easy to cancel the contracts later without incurring extra costs sometimes.......not specifically talking about your situation. That's how I took it anyway.

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