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If the show was PG or family friendly, it wouldn't be Game of Thrones. It'd be terrible. I can't believe there are people complaining they can't watch the show with their family...

Sex is a big factor within the books, and should be within the show too. Essentially, sex in the books and the show is used to make the characters feel more real to the audience, because sex is considered one of the two biggest driving factors of our existence (the other being death). It may look unnecessary but usually the sex scenes do have a point in terms of characterization but people continue to use it blindly to attack the show.

As others have said too, there's huge amounts of violence in the show at times- brutal and slow decapitations, soldiers being cut in half, crowns of molten gold...that's just from the top of my head. Everyone seems to be fine about the violence and gore for some reason however...
I admit I winced a bit at that scene Reminds me I still havent finished S1 yet - sometimes I'm finding the series a bit heavy, but its good
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