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All i can say is the people that are raving about the Nexus 7 are either deluded or just simply dont want to listen.

Having owned both (albeit the 80 version of the Archos Titanium) and the Archos was very much the equal for the nexus 7 in use and the Archos is much better built, just a shame the WiFi was poor.

When you look just how much Archos, albeit minus the GPS and Bluetooth are doing the Titanium range for the Google doing the Nexus 7 at a subsidised price spiel is a load of old bollocks. Its not subsidised like the Nexus 4 is thats for sure.

Yes the Nexus 7 is great (although mine has 2 screen defects that the Archos didnt have) but that doesn't mean every other tablet available is crap.

As for 4.2 being massively better then 4.1 then i think you need to go look at the changelog, half the features are of no use to the Nexus 7 whatsoever and a large percent of what are applicable are pretty tosh anyway, daydream for instance.
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