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Most of the sex scenes are fairly I'm fine with it as long as it doesn't damage the pace of the story and the show.

The only time I thought it was really gratuitous and damaging to the pace of the show was the Baelish and the lesbians scene..

....which just went on and on for a stupid amount of time. It's rare that a lesbian scene would bore me ...but this dragged on so long it just made me think "we get're women having sex with each".
I actually thought that was a good scene. We learned a lot about Baelish's character n that scene. Not only the story he told, but his instructions to the whores showed how he understood the human psyche and how to manipulate people, plus his personal indifference to the scene going o before him showed us how he viewed the whole sordid affair.

He's a master manipulator and sex is a tool for him, rather than a vice. The story he tells at the same time explains the back story as to why he is like this,

This is why I don't have an issue with the sex in GoT. It is a device of the story. Even with things like Theon's random shagging of every woman he meets tells us all we need to know about his character. Though watching him finger his own sister was a bit creepy (but again, fitted his character that his mind went there first, before considering who she might be)
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