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Happy Birthday Leona, & a happy birthday to Paul.
It was so nice of Leona to have Nikitta & the guy with the big hair (forgot his name lol) from her XF year at her birthday party.
I was also one of the lucky people to meet Leona at Cardiff Labyrinth tour. I spoke to Nicola, who said to get as many fans as possible and meet at the back of the venue, and she took us backstage to meet Leona, I was with Andy from London, Valentina & Vicky & Eric from the official forum. It was such a surprise and Leona took time with everyone.
Excited about this new thing with Leona/Maloy. Can't believe we are in April & tour month.
Read a few pages back about Nicole Sherzy (she was brilliant on Andrew Lloyd Webber show), would love Leona to do something like this.
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