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Oooh!!! I hear you! Yes she may be a bit of a girl, but you cannot deny she is fabulous. She has made millions from a pair of tits (where are your millions?) And the bitch doesn't give a shit! Hate her or love her she is still more rolling in it than you or I and she knows exactly what to do to keep us all talking about her?! Definition of FABULOUS no?!
I think, and I am only going on a limb here, but its that kind of mindset that makes holocausts and viral outbreaks seem pleasing to most people. Its the very idea that being rich and famous simply for nothing, which many people find so utterly ****ing disgusting in this society. Banks who make millions doing a shit job, Katie earning money for being little more than a sex object.

Thats why people hate her, and hate the people who love her. Because they represent the very worst in this culture, and they degrade everything that is human in our world.

That and she looks like a black bin bag, stretched across a shit smeared bicycle frame. Even her kids are worthless thanks to her being their mother.
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