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It's a hell of an install, but a great game so far.

It will be interesting to see how the show influences the game.

Had a couple of occasions when some randoms turned up while I was doing a side mission and the added firepower helped to polish off the opposition. Will be interesting to see if large groups will be needed to take down the larger foes.

On the downside - navigating the menus can be a pain as some of them aren't very intuitive and they don't always give you a "back" option. So you end up exiting out and then re-entering the menus quite a lot.

Here's hoping clan "DS" kicks ass
You actually need large groups of people for the Arkfall battles, you see them on your map as those red areas, I tried driving there once but it was quite far and I got distracted, plus I don't think I'm leveled up not nearly enough. These battle can get quite hectic, sometimes up to 50 players at once is needed for the bigger drops, you get really good tech for doing them though.

Also another thing worth bearing in mind is that if you browse the in-game store you would be forgiven for thinking there's quite a lot of exclusive content on there but everything that's available to buy with "bits" is available to earn in-game as mission rewards etc. It just takes work, they are only shortcuts.
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