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That's your opinion, but for a first attempt, writing singing every song, her first solo album attempt was great.

Imo Robbie has always been overrated, his duets happened because of his solo fame and good networking. It's funny that when he wasn't selling as much as a solo artist, he went running back to take-that, fronted by Gary.

Gary Barlow is one of the most respected names in the music business, he's made millions from singing and song writing. He's played a part in every Take that hit. He's written thirteen number one singles. He's won countless awards for his hits. Have to disagree, in the music industry Gary's never been a joke.

Being in the same category as Gary Barlow isn't bad.

Nadine was emotional and Tweeted about her feelings. If Kimberley Tweeted the same thing the girls would have Tweeted support.

When has Nadine ever really cared about the press? Nadine's classy. She doesn't need to jump from one famous guy to another. She's never been a famewhore. She's a career driven, talented girl.

She's dated Jesse Metcalfe and was engaged to Jason Bell - both were high profile stars in the US. In the early days of Girls Aloud, she dated footballer Neil McCafferty - who played for Charlton.
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