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No no no, I wasn't planning on reviewing this one, mainly because, if the blurb on the itv site is accurate, and past experience tells me it will be, it's just going to be filled with 'poor Pete' and the aftermath etc, and there's no way in the world I'm covering that for reasons that are obvious.

I'm going to save myself for Ep.2, the malteser one.
Fair enough, you're brave tackling any episode to be fair and we appreciate any of your reviewerage greatly

So Princess wants to be a doctor apparently. Her mother will be furious, no chance of a mother and daughter glamma calendar in 12 years are so then
Is everything he does a passive aggressive attack on his ex-wife? Every little girl goes though a phase of wanting to be a docter, nurse, vet...I spent the whole of November looking for dentist...yes..DENTIST related toys because the 5 year old niece has decided dentists are brilliant (PlayDoh Drill n Fill before you ask). However, I suspect Pete's motivation for this is the same motivation he always has - bragging about his new, young, shiny, classier, better in every way upgrade who is a far better role model to a kiddie than his mother will ever be...nerr nerr de nerr nerr you old tramp, I found a better replacement role model for our daughter. (let it go Peter, let it go!). Like I say, no opportunity to look more righteous ever missed.

Be careful Pete. While that might be vocationally true, be very careful about belittling a mother's life to the ears of her baby very careful indeed...
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