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Kimberley was very supportive of Nadine btw.

In her oK column she regularly wrote about nadine.
She wrote of her engagement
She wrote of how she liked Insatiable and her album and that she bought it.
She wrote of how people needed to give nadine a break - and that album was brilliant
Then she wrote of her split with Jason and how she was sad about it

So whilst she didn't contact her personally, clearly as it was obvious nadine didnt want to be contacted....

To their credit, they just didn't speak for a while...there was no rift or fight - just not contacting each other for a while, which shouldnt have happened, but nadine was to blame in this slightly as she started it and the others then got all 'if you dont call us why should we call u'.

I see Nadine & Kimberley like to tease each other on twitter. I doubt they would be on bad terms if they are like that with each other.

Nadine CoyleVerified account ‏@NadineCoyleNow 7 Feb
@KimberleyJWalsh am I still in time for a question? Xxxx

Kimberley WalshVerified account
“@NadineCoyleNow: @KimberleyJWalsh am I still in time for a question? Xxxx” what you got for me???? 😉

Kimberley Walsh ‏@KimberleyJWalsh 24 Jan
“@GirlsAloud: . @NadineCoyleNow in flats. It's Some Kind Of Miracle
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